Annaliza - June 21, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013
Annaliza Annaliza is the story of a young girl, Annaliza (Andrea Brillantes), who was stolen from her biological parents, Isabel Garcia/Benedicto (Denise Laurel) and Lazaro Benedicto (Patrick Garcia) when she was a day old. Annaliza was taken away from her biological parents because of Stella Celeres' (Kaye Abad) grudge towards Lazaro. Stella and Lazaro once became lovers but Lazaro mistakenly thought that Stella is a prostitute when he saw Stella dating an old man who really was just a man Stella asked for financial help. Stella had no intentions to date the old man but her sister must undergo a surgery and Stella had no other way to support her financial needs. When Lazaro saw Stella with an old man, Stella is left homeless, brokenhearted and pregnant with their child. Stella tried to end up her life but Guido Querubin (Zanjoe Marudo) saved her from jumping off a bridge. After Lazaro dumped Stella, Lazaro noticed Isabel's love for him, got married and expected their first born child. While Lazaro and Isabel are very happy to be with each other, Stella connive with Marcus "Makoy" Diaz (Carlo Aquino) who took Annaliza from her parents. Annaliza was then given to Guido by Marcus. Guido raised Annaliza a good, very loving and forgiving daughter. Then came the time, Guido married Stella wherein Stella had no idea that Annaliza is the past she could never forget. With this in mind, how will Annaliza's life begin with Stella as her mother as well as the reason why she was taken away from her parents? Annaliza is aired in ABS-CBN Channel 3 in Philippine television every from Monday to Friday.

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