Apoy Sa Dagat - July 4, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013
Apoy Sa Dagat Ruben Manubat (Piolo Pascual) helped Serena Mirasol/Rosana Del Sol (Angelica Panganiban) to escape, since they both wanted to be married as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Odessa Villarosa/Del Sol (Aiko Melendez) received a call from Benedict D. Manubat (Ricardo Cepeda) wherein Benedict wanted to talk to Odessa personally. Without any doubts, Odessa went to Benedict's house and confronted him why he killed her husband, Alberto Del Sol (Patrick Garcia). Benedict revealed to Odessa that he was paid by Adrianna Lamayre (Angel Aquino) to kill her and her twin daughters but Alberto protected them from him. At first, Odessa couldn't believe Benedict but she realized to give Benedict a chance for forgiveness when Benedict mentioned not to involve Ruben. Later that time, Adrianna suddenly arrived, looking for Serena and Ruben. Odessa informed Adrianna that Ruben and Serena are going to be married in awhile and she can't do anything to stop them anymore. When Adrianna was pissed off, she wanted to kill Odessa but Benedict protected Odessa and was shot by Adrianna. Odessa was also shot by Adrianna when she tried to get the gun from Adrianna. Meanwhile, Ruben and Serena finally got married in a church with the help of Flor (Natasha Cabrera), Balong (Zeppi Borromeo) and Lornita (Perla Bautista).

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