Be Careful With My Heart - November 29, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013
Be Careful With My Heart Richard "Ricardo/Ricky" Lim (Richard Yap) and Maya Dela Rosa/Lim (Jodi Sta. Maria) are already back in the Philippines. Maya and Richard are surprised with the new arrangement of their house with the kids together with Rafaela "Rafi" Alcantara (Maricar Reyes) welcoming them back home. After having their dinner, they are all gathered at the living room wherein Maya and Richard distributed the gifts they brought for everybody. Everybody loves the gift they received from Maya and Richard. After awhile, Rafi asked Luke Andrew Lim (Jerome Ponce), Niki Grace Lim (Janella Salvador) and Abigail Ruth "Abby" Lim (Mutya Orquia) to sleep early because they still have a class tomorrow. Abby and Niki asked for another time for them to spent it with their Tita Mommy Maya. First time being a mother to Niki, Luke and Abby, Maya makes sure that she will give everything to them. Abby asked Maya and Richard to tell her storied before she sleeps and they did not fail her. After Abby, Niki grabbed Maya and let her inside her room. Niki tells Maya about what happened between Luke and Nicolo Angelo Cortes (Marlo Mortel) and what she revealed to Nicolo. Richard, on the other hand, feels jealous towards Maya's attention to his children. Richard then had a conversation with Rafi wherein Rafi laughed at him because of his jealousy towards his children. The day after, early morning, Maya woke up before everybody did and called Teresita Dela Rosa (Sylvia Sanchez). Maya asked Teresita if what she feels when she woke up seeing her husband is the same feeling Teresita felt when she also woke up and saw Arturo Dela Rosa (Lito Pimentel). Teresita told Maya to enjoy what she feels because she is starting a new life with the Lim family. After Maya's conversation to Teresita, Maya cooked breakfast for the Lim family. Meanwhile, Dorina "Doris" Malasig (Rosario "Tart" Carlos) and Isabel "Sabel" Fortuna (Vivieka Ravanes) woke up late and was very surprised seeing Maya cooking breakfast. Sabel and Doris called Maya "Ma'am" but Maya asked them not to call her that because she don't want to change their the way they treat each other.

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