Got to Believe - October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013
Got to Believe Julianna San Juan/Manansala (Carmina Villaroel) fired Betchay Manansala (Manilyn Reynes) after she saw something on their food cooked by Betchay. Jaime Manansala (Ian Veneracion) then talked to Julianna, asking why she decided to fire Betchay just because of the food and even tried to defend Betchay from her. But, Julianna is already decided not to let Betchay cook for them anymore because she also doubted Betchay and Jaime's relationship. While Julianna and Jaime were talking inside their room, Joaquin Manansala (Daniel Padilla) approached Betchay and apologized to her in behalf of his mother. Betchay was surprised of Joaquin's approach wherein she told Joaquin that she did not expect him to be kind. Later that time, on her way home, Jaime offered Betchay a ride wherein they also talked about Julianna's decision. Jaime guaranteed Betchay that Julianna will call her soon and ask her to cook for them again. Meanwhile, at the Tampipi's residence, the Tampipi family ate their dinner together. During their dinner, Chito Tampipi (Benjie Paras) informed Cristina Carlotta "Chichay" Tampipi (Kathryn Bernardo) that he finally got a job. Chichay congratulated Chito for his new job and is very happy that everything went well in their lives. After awhile, Chito waited for Betchay outside their house and saw Betchay with Jaime. When Jaime left, Chito tried to interrogate Betchay why she allowed Jaime to drive her home but then Betchay sadly informed her that she got fired. Chito failed to tell Betchay the good news about his job. Meanwhile, at the Manansala's residence, Julianna talked to Joaquin and apologized for what happened to her and Betchay.

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