Got to Believe (Pilot) - August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013
Got to Believe Betchay Tampipi (Manilyn Reynes) sold their Pig to have an extra income for their family. The day after, the whole Barangay were very busy preparing a gathering for the welcoming party of Jaime Manansala (Ian Veneracion). Betchay is very excited to see Jaime who is her long time lover. Betchay is expecting to be married to Jaime soon even though Jaime is already successful. Later at night, Betchay heard Jaime's mother, letting their neighbors know that Jaime is going to get married not soon enough because he still have more plans in life. Betchay got disappointed with what she heard because she thought that she and Jaime are going to get married as early as what she expected. Jaime, on the other hand, knew about Betchay's disappointments and explained to her that he have bigger plans for their future. Betchay and Jaime loves each other so much wherein they can't stand not talking to each other. Jaime always make time to call Betchay, updating her of the things that happened to him. Betchay, on the other hand, always reminded Jaime to remember her because she feared that Jaime might find somebody better and sexier than her. Jaime promised not to entertain other girls because he loves Betchay very much. Then came one day, Jaime and the other employees met Julianna Manansala (Carmina Villaroel), the daughter of Jaime's boss/Company owner. Jaime shared a little bit of Betchay who she once saw was being insulted by her father and who he thought is going to jump over the building. During that night when Jaime thought Julianna is going to jump over the building, he concluded that Juliana is having big problems towards how her father raised her.

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