Honesto (Pilot) - October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013
Honesto At a small town, Sitio Katapatan (Loyalty), there lives a family who are God fearing, kind and honest, the Lualhati family. Felipe Lualhati (Spanky Manikan) together with his wife raised a beautiful, obedient and perfect daughter, Fina Lualhati (Maricar Reyes). Felipe together with their neighbors live peacefully at their small town wherein they all share their harvest. A couple years later, three strangers namely Hugo Layer (Joel Torre), Diego Layer (Paulo Avelino) and Cleto (Nonie Buencamino) arrived at their small town. The three strangers were looking for a treasure and they were surprised seeing a small town and meeting new people who are very different. Hugo and Cleto pretended to be Priests so that it will be easy for them to trick the citizens. Having a new visitor at their small town, Felipe toured Diego, Hugo and Cleto around, giving them informations about the history of their town. Later at night, Hugo and Cleto are confident that the Lualhati family is hiding a treasure at their small town. They also believe that the town is going to give them big fortune. Because of Hugo's belief, Hugo asked Diego to court Fina in order for him to get some informations. The day after, Diego started talking to Fina even though he doesn't like to be Fina's friend.

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