Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala - July 12, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013
Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala After the case of Eros Diomedes (Sam Milby) is dismissed, the Panaligan family got very disappointed. Meanwhile, Alejo Apostol (John Estrada) went home early to his wife, Athena Apostol (Mylene Dizon). During that time, Athena tried to win back Alejo's heart after they had a lot arguments lately. Alejo, on the other hand, did not mind Athena because he got so tired from work. Meanwhile, the Panaligan family packed up their things, ready to go back in Manila and stay at the apartment where Leandros Panaligan (Joseph Marco) rented. The Panaligan family needs to go back in Manila, to continue their life and find justice against the Diomedes family. While Demetria Diomedes (Susan Africa) and Leandros continued packing their things, Anessa Panaligan/Diomedes (Judy Ann Santos) went to check on Emmanuel at their room. At that moment, Demetria noticed Leandros receiving a text message from Iris Diomedes (Empress Schuck) asking about Emmanuel's condition. Demetria asked Leandros to stop communicating Iris because the Diomedes family might used Iris to know where they are. Leandros informed Demetria that Iris only wanted to know if Emmanuel and Anessa are doing fine because Iris is truly concerned about them. Later that time, when the Panaligan family are already back at Leandros' apartment, Anessa and Demetria noticed a stranger spying on them. Anessa hurriedly called Alejo, telling him that a stranger is suspiciously spying on them. The stranger was paid by Eros to spy on Anessa so that he could finally get his son, Emmanuel, from Anessa.

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