Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala (Pilot) - June 17, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013
Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala In San Simeon, Pampanga, the Panaligan family owns a big land which they used for their living. Anessa Panaligan (Judy Ann Santos) together with her mother, Demetria Panaligan (Susan Africa) and brother, Leandros Panaligan (Joseph Marco) were very busy making money out of salts. During the time they prepared the salts to be sold, an employee of the Panaligan family talked to Anessa about her status being single for a long time. The employee is Anessa's suitor wherein he tried to impress Anessa but Anessa only informed him that she wants to marry a man who owns a Hacienda. Later at night, Anessa had a conversation with Demetria and Leandros wherein Anessa gave Leandros instructions about what he should do while she will be away. Anessa is going to work abroad in order for her to earn more and support Leandro's studies. The day after, Anessa arrived early at the office of the agency who hired her. At that time, a few of the employees who were also hired at the same agency were earlier than Anessa. Anessa and her coleagues were very excited to travel because it would be their first time to leave the country. After a few hours, still nobody arrived to fetch them wherein they are all very worried if they have been tricked by the employer who hired them. Meanwhile, at the Diomedes residence, Romulos Diomedes (Tirso Cruz III) is having breakfast with his son, Eros Diomedes (Sam Milby) and wife, Helena Diomedes (Coney Reyes). During their breakfast, Romulos asked Eros if they already bought the lot of the Panaligan gamily which they could use for their family's new project. Eros, on the other hand, informed his father that the land broker is doing his best to buy the land of the Panaligan family.

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