Ina Kapatid Anak - June 10, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013
Ina Kapatid Anak At the hospital, a friend of Diego Medina (Alex Medina) came to visit Emilio "Mio" Buenaventura (John Regala). During that time, the Authorities did not allow Diego's friend to see Mio because visitors are strictly prohibited. Since Diego's friend couldn't talk to Mio personally, he asked an employee of the hospital to give his message to Mio. By the time Mio already received the message, he is very happy when he knew that Diego is doing something to rescue him from the Authorities. Meanwhile, William "Liam" Lagdameo (Xian Lim) brought Celine Buenaventura (Kim Chiu) to a Yacht and showed his surprise for her. Liam's surprise is his marriage proposal to Celine which made Celine very happy. After the marriage proposal, Celine and Liam went home to the Apolinario's residence wherein Theresa Apolinario (Cherry Pie Picache) together with Oscar (Jayson Gainza) and Zacharias "Zach" Apolinario (Ronaldo Valdez) are there to congratulate them both. After awhile, Margaux Marasigan (Maja Salvador) arrived and knew about Celine and Liam's engagement. At that time, Margaux was very surprised wherein she don't know how to react. Later at night, Liam together with Oscar and Zach had a good time talking to each other while drinking liquor. While Liam enjoyed his drinking session with Oscar and Zach, Celine and Theresa are talking to each other about Celine's love for Liam. Theresa appreciated Celine and Liam's relationship wherein they didn't give up. Later that time, Liam went home and had a conversation with his mother, Martina Lagdameo (Francine Prieto) wherein Liam informed Martina that he and Celine are engaged. Martina was very shocked and informed Liam that she don't want Celine to be her daughter-in-law. The day after, at the hospital, Mio finally got out of the hospital and is ready to be transfered to Prison. During Mio's transfer, a group of armed men stopped the convoy, letting Mio escape from the authorities. Mio escaped from the Authorities with the help of Lucas Elizalde (Eddie Gutierrez) who was black mailed by Diego. Diego once called Lucas, asking his help to rescue Mio from the Authorites so that they could leave the country and start a new life. But Mio did not plan to leave the country and start a new life because he wants revenge to those who have hurt him especially Theresa's family. While Mio already escaped from the Authorities, at the Apolinario's residence, Celine and Margaux are very happy knowing that the Lagdameo family are coming over to talk about Celine and Liam's engagement. During that time, Celine went out to call Zach and Oscar while Margaux and Theresa prepared their foods. Surprisingly, Mio arrived at the Apolinario's residence pointing a gun at Celine. At that time, Theresa and Margaux were very shocked that Mio is there when suddenly Mio shot Celine followed by Margaux and Theresa. With this in mind, is this the end of Celine, Margaux and Theresa?

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