Juan dela Cruz (Finale) - October 25, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013
Juan dela Cruz As the battle between Juan Dela Cruz (Coco Martin) and the "Anak ng Dilim" (Son of Darkness) started, Juan was very surprised seeing his fiancee, Rosario Galang (Erich Gonzales) tied up in an electric post, unconscious and helpless. Behind Juan are his family, Father Julian "Jules" Dela Cruz (Eddie Garcia) and Asiong (Neil Coleta) who never left him. Juan and the Anak ng Dilim fought with each other, proving who is the strongest between them. Juan and the Anak ng Dilim used their weapons against each other. Meanwhile, Ben Galang (William Lorenzo) and Cora Galang (Lotlot De Leon) went to see Belen Gonzales (Gina Pareno) at their house, asking an update of Juan saving Rosario from the Anak ng Dilim. Belen told Ben to stay at their house as what Juan wanted them to do but Ben was not comfortable, thinking about Rosario's welfare. Ben together with Cora and Pikoy (Louise Abuel) went to the location where Juan and the Anak ng Dilim fought. After awhile, Juan almost killed the Anak ng Dilim but the Anak ng Dilim tricked Father Jules and Asiong, by asking their help. Father Jules and Asiong helped the Anak ng Dilim which gave him a chance to defeat Juan. While Juan and the Anak ng Dilim fought with each other, Peru-Ha/Saragnayan (Diana Zubiri) was also there watching them fight. The Anak ng Dilim threw Juan into the water unconscious and wounded. While Juan was unconscious in the water, the spirits of Father Ramoncito "Cito" Gonzales (Jaime Fabregas), Mang Pepe (Joel Torre) and Agustin (John Medina) talked to Juan, letting him fight for his life and defeat the Anak ng Dilim. Juan suddenly gained his strength when Rosario nearly died and caught her from falling. Juan also have the "Bakal na Krus" (Metallic Cross) back at his hand and used it in defeating both the Anak ng Dilim and Peru-Ha. Rosario was then rushed to the hospital by Juan, Juan's family and Rosario's family. After awhile, Rosario was still unconscious which made everybody worry very much. During that time, Juan apologized to Cora for what happened to Rosario but Cora did not blame Juan. Juan thought that he lost Rosario but it was only his dreams. Days after, Rosario and Juan got married wherein the Fairies, Princess Mirathea "Mira" (Shaina Magdayao) together with Queen Nerea (Precious Lara Quigaman), Liway (Marlann Flores) and Bagno (Martin Del Rosario) attended the wedding. After Juan and Rosario's wedding, Queen Nerea gave Juan a gift which signifies that he is one of them. Everything went well to Juan and Rosario's life whereas the Filipino citizens, they fell much safer with Juan around.

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