Juan dela Cruz - July 5, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013
Juan dela Cruz At the Alejandro's residence, Pikoy (Louise Abuel) got very scared when he saw human internal organs at the Alejandro's refrigerator. During bed time, Lola Belen Gonzales (Gina Pareno) was very worried why Pikoy got so scared and knew about what Pikoy discovered. Belen comforted Pikoy, letting him calm first and telling him that all the internal organs he saw are not human internal organs. Pikoy, on the other hand, couldn't keep calm because he knows what he saw and he couldn't trust the Alejandro family's cook. Meanwhile, at the "Kapatiran" (Brotherhood against Vampires), Mang Pepe (Joel Torre) gave a document to Father Julian "Jules" Dela Cruz (Eddie Garcia). The Document is a proof that the car they suspected as one of the cars the Vampires used is owned by Mikael "Kael" Reyes (Arron Villaflor). Because of the documents, the Kapatiran wants to investigate on Mikael even though Mikael became Juan Dela Cruz (Coco Martin) and Rosario Galang's (Erich Gonzales) friend. During that time, Juan informed Mang Pepe and Father Jules that he challenged the Vampire whom Juan fought the last time who was very different from the other Vampires. Juan wanted to see the Vampire again in order for him to have a lead to where the King of Vampire is. Meanwhile, at the Kingdom of Fairies, Peru-ha/Saragnayan (Diana Zubiri) talked to one of the Fairies (John Regala) trusted by the Royal fairies. Peru-ha asked (John Regala) to ask the help of the world of "Tikbalang" (a creature of Philippine folklore which is a half human and half horse).

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