Juan dela Cruz - June 27, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Juan dela Cruz Father Julian "Jules" Dela Cruz (Eddie Garcia), Mang Pepe (Joel Torre) and Agustin (John Medina) continued investigating about where the Vampires got their food. When they are on their way to the "Kapatiran" (Brotherhood) headquarters, they saw a suspicious man who brought a box of canned goods. The Kapatiran knew that he is a Vampire, as a result, the Kapatiran ran after him and confronted him about the canned goods. Meanwhile, at the Alejandro's residence, Samuel Alejandro (Albert Martinez) talked to Laura Alejandro (Zsa Zsa Padilla) and Mikael "Kael" Reyes (Aaron Villaflor). Samuel asked Mikael why he paid somebody to burn the neighborhood of the Dela Cruz family. Although Mikael wanted to make an alibi so that Samuel won't get mad at him, still he admitted that he is responsible of the fire incident. Later that time, Laura went to Belen Gonzales' (Gina Pareno) room, bringing a glass of healthy juice. At that moment, Laura let Belen know that the juice will help her get well. While Belen drank the juice, Belen noticed Laura having allergies but she did not notice that it was because of the garlic inside their room. Belen always have a garlic with her after she was attacked by Vampires back at her house. Meanwhile, Samuel talked to Saragnaya/Peru-ha (Diana Zubiri) about his preparation to the Prince of Vampire, Juan Dela Cruz (Coco Martin). In the meantime, Juan and Asiong (Neil Coleta) went to the Kapatiran's headquarters in order for them to be updated with the Kapatiran's mission. At that moment, the Kapatiran are planning to attack the area where the Vampires store their food. On the contrary, Samuel knew from Juan that the Kapatiran are going to attack Vampires. After Samuel's conversation to Juan, he called Mikael to take care of the area where the Kapatiran could possibly attack. With this in mind, will the Kapatiran be successful in killing all the Vampires?

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