Juan Dela Cruz - May 31, 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013
Juan dela Cruz At the Galang's residence, Mang Pepe (Joel Torre) visited the Galang family and talked to Rosario Galang (Erich Gonzales) personally about her identity. Mang Pepe never doubted telling Rosario the truth that he is her biological father. At first, Mang Pepe thought that Rosario would be mad at him, since he did not reveal himself as her father during their first meet. Luckily, Rosario understood Mang Pepe wherein she accepted Mang Pepe as her biological father without second thoughts. After their conversation, Rosario talked to Juan Dela Cruz (Coco Martin) wherein Juan apologized to Rosario for not telling her the truth about Mang Pepe. During their conversation, Rosario let Juan know that she was not disappointed that Juan didn't inform her earlier about Mang Pepe as her biological father, instead, Rosario thanked Juan for letting her know Mang Pepe. Meanwhile, Mang Pepe talked to Ben Galang (William Lorenzo) and Cora Galang (Lotlot De Leon) wherein both Cora and Ben thanked Mang Pepe for giving Rosario to them. Durin their conversation, Mang Pepe also thanked both Ben and Cora for taking good care of Rosario and for raising her to be a good daughter. Mang Pepe then asked Ben and Cora's permission to give him and Rosario some time to bond and know each other. At that time also, Mang Pepe asked Ben and Cora not to reveal Rosario's identity to anyone else so that the Vampires won't know about Rosario. Meanwhile, at the Alejandro company, Samuel Alejandro (Albert Martinez) gathered the leaders of the Vampires togethe with his wife, Laura Alejandro (Zsa Zsa Padilla) and Mikael "Kael" Reyes (Aaron Villaflor). Samuel and his family planned to make the other Vampires understand that they need their support in gathering their food. The Vampires need to plan on how their race could be safe from the "Tagabantay" (Keeper of the metallic cross) and from the "Kapatiran" (Brotherhood). With this in mind, will the other Vampires agree to the Alejandro family's plan?

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