Maria Mercedes - November 12, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Maria Mercedes Magnolia Alegre (Vina Morales) saw her son, Andres Alegre (Yogo Singh) and hugged him so tightly. Magnolia offered to walk Andres home but Andres refused her offer because his sister, Maria Mercedes Alegre (Jessy Mendiola) told him not to go with strangers. Andres noticed Magnolia crying hardly and just gave her a hug again. Later at night, at the Alegre's residence, Mercedes talked to Filomena Mondejar (Nadia Montenegro) and Lou (Erika Padilla) wherein they talked about Santiago Del Olmo's (Ariel Rivera) marriage proposal. Filomena advised Mercedes to inform Luis Sancuevas (Jake Cuenca) about Santiago's proposal so that Luis would know who is his competitor. The day after, at the Del Olmo's residence, Malvina Sancuevas (Vivian Velez) visited Santiago and warned him not to do anything against her. Meanwhile, at the mall, Mercedes together with Rosario Alegre (Devon Seron), Andres and Guillermo Alegre (Marx Topacio) spend some time together. During that time, Guillermo saw Magnolia together with her assistant, Sylvia (Tess Antonio). Magnolia asked Guillermo to allow her meeting his sibblings but Guillermo strongly disagreed. After awhile, Andres saw Guillermo talking to Magnolia who he did not know is his biological mother.

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