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Be Careful With My Heart - February 27, 2014
Be Careful With My Heart is about the story of Maya Dela Rosa (Jodi Sta. Maria), a simple girl from the province San Nicolas who are introduced as tour guides including her older sister, Cristina Rose "Kute" De... See More »
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Be Careful With My Heart - February 17, 2014
At the Lim's residence, Jose Mari "Joma" Adriano (Micah Munoz) noticed Dorina "Doris" Malasig (Rosario "Tart" Carlos) and Isabel "Sabel" Fortuna (Vivieka Ravanes) who are very stressed out after joining the vol... See More »
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Be Careful With My Heart - February 7, 2014
At the birthday party of Niki Grace Lim (Janella Salvador), everybody wore their favorite costume and enjoyed the party a lot. Nicolo Angelo Cortez (Marlo Mortel) and Amiel Sebastian (AJ Muhlach) wore the same ... See More »
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